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June 5: Bitcoin Nears $71K, ETH, SOL, Others Copy Pump

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Today, Bitcoin Nears $71K: The current pricing of cryptocurrencies has generated a surge of optimism that has spread throughout the sector. Bitcoin (BTC) had a significant upswing in price and is getting closer to the $71,000 barrier. This upward trend was followed by other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and XRP, with Toncoin (TON) emerging as one of the top gainers for the day. In addition, the meme coins market experienced a significant comeback, with Floki Inu (FLOKI) emerging as one of the top gainers on the list of market participants.

Although there have been occasional fluctuations, the entire market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has demonstrated durability, climbing by 1.63% to reach $2.61 trillion today. Nevertheless, the whole volume of the cryptocurrency market experienced a decrease of 2.26%, reaching $82.13 billion. As of Today, Bitcoin Nears $71K, June 5; the following is a summary of some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies and their respective prices.

Top Crypto Prices Today

Bitcoin Price

Top Crypto Prices Today

A considerable change has occurred in Bitcoin (BTC), which passed by 2.27% over the last twenty-four hours. There have been daily lows and heights of $68,564.64 and $71,247.57, respectively, for its value, now at $70,822.92. Today, Bitcoin Nears $71K.

Against over $600 million in inflows registered in Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on June 4, this attention-grabbing rise has occurred according to data made available by Farside Investors. Nevertheless, the token could not sustain a break above $71K, which led to speculation among investors despite the recent approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund in Thailand.

Ethereum Price

The price of Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency, which has the second-largest market cap, has increased by 0.89% in the past twenty-four hours, reaching $3,808.51. It has reached a low of $3,743.29 and a high of $3,839.72 over twenty-four hours.

Ethereum has a market capitalization of $457.45 billion at the moment.

Solana Price

Meanwhile, SOL has garnered attention with a price increase of 4.52% during the last twenty-four hours, reaching $173.46. A total of $164.52 and $174.78 were reported as the low and high token prices during the twenty-four hours.

XRP Price

Another cryptocurrency that investors are keeping a close watch on, XRP, has seen increases of 1.07% over the previous day and is currently trading at $0.5263. The lows and highs for the Ripple Labs-backed coin during the past twenty-four hours have been $0.5185 and $0.53, respectively. Additionally, it is essential to take note that the price of $0.53 represents a strong resistance level for XRP.

DOGE & SHIB Prices

In the meme currencies category, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu showcased gains ranging from two to five per cent. The price of DOGE increased by 2.30% to $0.163, while the cost of SHIB increased by 4.59% to $0.00002549.

Next up was Pepe coin, which reached $0.00001466 after experiencing a marginal increase of 0.69%.

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Top Crypto Gainers Today

Top Crypto Gainers Today

Floki Inu (FLOKI) surged 24.69% to $0.0003359 today.
Uniswap (UNI) pumped 18.79% to $11.33.
ORDI increased 14.21% to $54.12.
Toncoin (TON) price rallied 12.58% to $7.62.

Top Crypto Losers Today

Top Crypto Losers Today

Ethena (ENA) saw a pullback, dipping 6.87% to $0.9566.
Wormhole (W) saw a plunge of 6.81% to $0.6395.
Dog To The Moon (DOG) fell 6.36% to $0.008689.
Notcoin (NOT) slipped 2.82% to $0.00868.

During this intermediate period, hourly time frame charts demonstrate that Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced increases of around 0.15%, altcoins SHIB, DOGE, and XRP followed this upward momentum, and SOL declined by 0.26%.

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