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Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Hits 30-Day Low – What’s Up?

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: In the middle of a whirlwind of market uncertainty, the flagship cryptocurrency hit $65,057, its lowest level in 30 days. Bitcoin investors are debating whether the latest slump is just a temporary setback or an indication of more severe problems to come, which has prompted discussions about the cryptocurrency’s price forecast.

There is a lot of uncertainty around Bitcoin’s short-term prospects due to the convergence of reasons that have contributed to this fall, such as the release of U.S. inflation data, deteriorating consumer sentiment, and the surging U.S. dollar.

Weaker Consumer Sentiment and Inflation Hit Bitcoin Prices

Recent statistics from the University of Michigan show a drop in consumer sentiment to 65.6 in June from 69.1 in May, marking a seven-month low. Investing in riskier assets, such as Bitcoin Price Prediction, could be discouraged by this waning confidence, which reflects rising worries about the economic prospects. Additionally, forecasts of inflation are still high and are expected to exceed the 2% objective set by the Federal Reserve:

Weaker Consumer Sentiment and Inflation Hit Bitcoin Prices

  • Next 12 months: Inflation is projected to remain at 3.3%.
  • Following five years: Inflation is expected to decrease slightly to 3.1%.

Interest rates might remain elevated for an extended time due to the Fed’s cautious attitude, as conveyed by Chair Jerome Powell. Bitcoin Price Prediction is under downward pressure due to this dampening of market enthusiasm.

Bitcoin Under Pressure: Strong Dollar, Whale Accumulation

The price of Bitcoin is being pulled down by the strong U.S. dollar, which is propelled by solid economic statistics and the cautious stance of the Federal Reserve. The rising allure of the dollar as a safe-haven asset drives investors away from alternative investments such as Bitcoin, causing this trend.

Furthermore, Bitcoin’s allure is further diminished by the anticipation of increased interest rates, which frequently enhances the dollar’s worth by luring foreign investment. In a high-interest rate environment, Bitcoin is less appealing. Than traditional investments because it does not offer dividends or interest payments.

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Key factors influencing Bitcoin’s price:

Key factors influencing Bitcoin’s price:

  • Stronger UUSdollar due to positive economic data and the Fed’s cautious approach.
  • Rising interest rates further enhance the dollar’s value.
  • Bitcoin’s lack of interest payments or dividends reduces its attractiveness in a high-interest environment.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin whales remain optimistic about the cryptocurrency’s future despite the pessimistic sentiment. One of the most significant acquisitions since February, these huge investors amassed 20,600 BTC, or around $1.38 billion, daily. Given the size of this accumulation, it’s reasonable to assume that some investors see. The current prices are a chance to buy with the expectation of future returns.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Trading just above the pivot point at $67,050, Bitcoin is presently trading around $66,100, indicating a pessimistic prediction for its price. The $68,500, $70,000, and $71,700 levels will act as immediate hurdles for the cryptocurrency. Downside support is around $65,000, with additional support at $63,950 and $63,000.

With Bitcoin’s price below the 50-day exponential moving average (EMA), currently around $67,900, a bearish trend is being indicated. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows a negative bias at 40.

Summary: Technical indications suggest a slight negative bias, as Bitcoin encounters resistance at $68,500 and support near $65,000.

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