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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction After Breaching $72k


  • Bitcoin price forecast points to a possible $82,000.
  • Ten days remain before the much anticipated Bitcoin halving event.
  • Kangamoon, a new meme coin, has raised over $4M in its ongoing presale, taking advantage of the crypto hype created by Bitcoin’s price surge.

Today, the Bitcoin Price once again surpassed $72,000, causing a commotion in the cryptocurrency market.

The rise of alternative cryptocurrencies such as Kanagamoon has stoked hope and conjecture on the long-term viability and price increase of Bitcoin, the market leader.

Experts have carefully monitored Bitcoin’s price changes, providing predictions and insights into its potential future trajectory.

Bitcoin Price Forecast

Recent months have seen Bitcoin defy expectations, rising from a low of $15,000 towards the end of 2022 to its present highs. Traders and investors are buzzing about this incredible price surge, with some even saying that Bitcoin might have its biggest month ever.

Nevertheless, not everyone is on board with the bullish trend; for example, Federal Reserve officials like Neel Kashkari have voiced concerns about the unpredictable price of Bitcoin.

Since the end of 2023, the Bitcoin Price has more than doubled, reaching $72,354 at the current time. The initial catalyst for the upswing was thought to be the US SEC’s green light for spot Bitcoin ETFs. There was a severe shortage of bitcoins on the market because exchange-traded funds (ETFs) bought up a large portion of the cryptocurrency after it had been removed from crypto exchanges.

Several factors could propel Bitcoin’s price increase, including the impending halving event and the growing interest in the cryptocurrency market among institutions.

Despite the recent upswing in the price of Bitcoin, some analysts remain pessimistic, predicting that the cryptocurrency may see a short-term decline before regaining its previous high of $73,777 or even higher.

Although this pattern of dips before a halving is typical in Bitcoin’s price history, and the primary uptrend usually resumes afterward, it appears that Bitcoin has already reached the bottom of its most recent pullback and is now ready to set a new ATH as we approach halving eve.

In the past, as Thomas showed on X, Bitcoin’s price has consistently risen in response to the halving event.

According to Jelle’s prediction, if Bitcoin breaks through the present wedge, its Range could easily reach $82,000.

Kangamoon: SocialFi and Play-to-Earn merge

One notable project aiming to revolutionize how users interact with memes and earn rewards is Kangamoon, emerging as Bitcoin prepares for the pre-halving cycle.

Using SocialFi and Play-to-Earn (P2E) features, Kangamoon is establishing a thriving community of meme fans.

The $KANG native token, now in presale, is the central component of the Kangamoon project.

Among the many things users can do on the platform are build champions, take part in epic battles, and wager on their favorite fighters for the chance to win exclusive rewards and $KANG tokens.

With a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, $KANG is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. After the presale ends, users can claim their $KANG tokens. For more information on how to claim your tokens, check out the Kangamoon website, social media, newsletter, and Telegram community.

By allowing users to compete in weekly, monthly, and quarterly challenges for the chance to earn $KANG and other rewards, Kangamoon’s unique social-fi model encourages active participation.

Kangamoon Presale

The project has achieved remarkable success in its ongoing Kangamoon presale, raising $4,384,434.039.

Only 15.3% of the tokens have been sold during the presale, meaning that 84.7% are still available for future investors.

With a 10% bonus on all orders during the current presale stage, early backers can get $KANG tokens at a reasonable price of $0.0196.

To get the ball rolling and raise capital before the formal launch, the presale phase is an essential part of Kangamoon’s journey. The construction of the Kangamoon Play-to-Earn Arcade and the introduction of the Kangamoon P2E website and app are two of the project’s roadmap milestones, and investors and enthusiasts are anxiously anticipating the following stages of Kangamoon’s expansion.


Forecasts indicate more upside potential for Bitcoin’s price, which continues to captivate the cryptocurrency industry. While doing so, Kangamoon is establishing itself as a market leader by providing a novel combination of social finance, play-to-earn features, and meme culture that makes for an exciting and lucrative user experience.

While Bitcoin and Kangamoon go their separate ways, cryptocurrency investors and fans are on high alert, ready to grab chances as they arise and adapt to the dynamic market.


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