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Alchemy Pay Is Expanding To Support Scroll Network

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Alchemy Pay Expanding Network: This breakthrough will use zero-knowledge technology and interoperability with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). As a result, users can acquire and utilize USDT and USDC on Scroll through Alchemy Pay.

Integrating clients from around the world and addressing issues in decentralized finance (DeFi) are the overarching objectives of this development strategy. This new invention enables customers to purchase these assets using a wide range of payment mechanisms and more than fifty different fiat currencies, and it is available in 173 other countries.

USDT and USDC support via Scroll 

Scroll is a blockchain at the Layer-2 level that Ethereum developers developed. It is scalable, secure, and open-source, and it reflects the fundamental values of Ethereum, which include participation, decentralization, resistance to censorship, auditability, and credible neutrality. Using the Alchemy Pay Expanding Network, the alliance intends to increase the popularity of USDT and USDC among users and developers by incorporating them into the Scroll ecosystem. As a result, the scroll ecosystem will finally be improved, attracting more people worldwide.

Scroll’s primary objective is to deliver a scalable solution while preserving Ethereum’s reputation for trusted security and decentralization standards. The zkEVM bridge that Scroll has developed is designed to be interoperable with EVMs at the bytecode level. As it closely emulates Ethereum. Because of this, developers can bring Ethereum projects over to Scroll without making any code changes.

USDT and USDC support via Scroll 

There are 173 countries in which Alchemy Pay Expanding Network operates, and it accepts conventional payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Alchemy Pay has obtained compliance licenses in several different jurisdictions, including the United States of America, Canada, Indonesia, and Lithuania. In addition to assisting users in avoiding hefty transaction fees, Alchemy Pay offers 300 different payment channels.

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Alchemy Pay has reached a significant milestone by integrating with Scrol, which enables frictionless payment options. That converts fiat currency to cryptocurrency. One of the goals of Alchemy Pay is to increase. The number of people using popular cryptocurrencies like USDT and USDC by offering access to these coins. They hope that it will be used more widely all over the world and that it will attract more customers to Alchemy Pay Expanding Network and Scroll.

About Scroll

There is a scaling solution for Ethereum called Scroll that focuses on security. Scroll is a next-generation Layer-2 solution built on zkEVM, which stands for Zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine. It attempts to solve the scalability concerns that Ethereum is experiencing. Take into consideration the mainnet of Ethereum as a crowded roadway. Scroll functions as additional lanes, processing transactions off-chain before securely bundling them for verification on the mainnet to ensure their integrity.

This off-chain processing, which is made possible by zkEVM, brings about a significant reduction in both the costs and speeds of transactions. To demonstrate the legitimacy of transactions on the Scroll mainnet without disclosing all of the relevant information, zkEVM uses cryptography. Its cutting-edge combination of Layer-2 architecture and zkEVM technology. Scroll is positioned to be a game-changer in scaling Ethereum and offering a seamless user experience.

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