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BlockDAG’s X1 App’s $3M Explosion Beats Avalanche at $46.4M

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BlockDAG App Explosion Beats Moon speech and the launch of its X1 app have caught investors’ minds. At the same time, Super Trump continues to suffer from market volatility despite a recent upswing, and Avalanche struggles with a decline in user activity.

This innovative technique of mobile mining resulted in an explosive gain of three million dollars overnight, bringing the entire presale amount to an astounding forty-six million dollars. This marked a one hundred percent increase in value, establishing it as a leading example for new cryptocurrency investment.

Super Trump’s Ascend Amidst Uncertainty

Super Trump’s Ascend Amidst Uncertainty

Recently, the cryptocurrency known as Super Trump (STRUMP) has significantly increased by 28%. It is currently trading at $0.01912 with a healthy trade volume of $8.7 million. Due to the gain that occurred this week, its market cap has dramatically increased.

The technical indicators, on the other hand, give contradictory signals, which portray a picture of market uncertainty over the future path STRUMP will take. This is because the market is confronting probable resistance and negative trends.

Avalanche Faces a Slippery Slope: Declining User Engagement

Avalanche Faces a Slippery Slope: Declining User Engagement

There has been a considerable drop in the number of active addresses over the previous three months, which has led to a decrease in the number of daily active users on Avalanche. Regardless, the number of implemented contracts increased to around 260,000.

Even though the Total Value Locked (TVL) has not changed, the number of transactions processed through the protocol has somewhat reduced. This indicates conflicting signals regarding user engagement and the possibility of future transaction growth.

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BlockDAG’s Presale Soars With $3 Million Overnight Surge

A groundbreaking cloud-based mobile mining solution was unveiled with the June 3rd release of BlockDAG App Explosion Beats, allowing users to effortlessly mine BDAG coins. Due to the unprecedented demand generated by this novel strategy, the presale price increased by a whopping 1000%. A deluge of users eager to dive into this breakthrough mining technology has been attracted to the app due to its ease and efficacy.

In addition, the latest Moon-based Keynote 2 revealed significant technical improvements inside the X1 software to maximize mining productivity. The community is kept updated about the newest technological developments through these updates and the frequent development insights posted on BlockDAG’s main website. The network’s strength and efficacy are enhanced by leveraging the DAG structure and proof-of-work consensus.

BlockDAG’s Presale Soars With $3 Million Overnight Surge

Beta users of the X1 miner app get access to BDAG coins directly during the presale. A module to customize their settings and secure user registration with OTP verification. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and a referral system for user rewards are also part of it. Twenty BDAG coins, each worth one dollar at launch, are mineable by users per day.

The software improves the user experience and is now accessible worldwide following thorough testing. The X10 miner is now being tested by influencers in the market, which shows that BlockDAG App Explosion Beats is growing faster than expected. The mainnet launch is scheduled in four months. Daily sales forecasts have jumped from half a million to five million dollars. Additional payment methods and a doxing film that reveals BlockDAG’s techniques are coming.


BlockDAG App Explosion Beats is a prominent investment in the cryptocurrency market, combining presale success with stability and user-centric design. Its sturdy and engaging platform results from its user-friendly X1 software and continual technological developments.

This contrasts sharply with Super Trump’s unpredictable ascent and Avalanche’s dwindling user base. It offers boundless possibilities and never stops innovating. As a result, the success of BlockDAG’s presale—saw a 1000% increase in coin value and a $3 million surge. Within hours—illustrates investors’ solid confidence and the platform’s expanding popularity.

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