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Hey guys, would like to show you our new fully automated crypto-tracking project. Have a look

Hey Guys,

Thank you for taking a moment to read the next few lines of text. However, we believe that it can be worth it for you. Let’s get right to the point. We recently released a new crypto currency tracking website called “warren”. Although there are already many crypto-tracking websites or apps on the market, we always see products that are hard to use (bad UX), full of bugs or incomplete. For this reason, we are currently working on a cryptocurrency tracking solution in which these disturbance factors have already been eliminated. We will provide the following key features for you:

– Easy, smooth and great User Experience
– Fully automated coin tracking via Wallet Public Key and Exchange API integration. Insert Keys and keep track of everything.
– Multi-Device Solution (web and mobile app)
– automatic tax reporting feature for your country — for individuals and enterprises.
– Multiple Portfolios and Multiple Sub-Accounts
– Advanced and automatic portfolio reporting search as total trading fees, detailed performance analysis or your ROI

Currently we are in the middle of the development stage, but we want to give you a first insight. Just have a look at for more information. We’d love to have you onboard.

If you also want to play a part in the solution, we are very happy about any wishes or feedback from you. Just write us on one of the following channels:

– Here in the comment section
– Telegram:
– Twitter:
– Facebook:

We look forward to seeing you and keep on mooning!

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